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The biggest challenge in managing field staff or on-field employees is tracking their location to ensure efficiency and performance. Not only is it difficult to monitor the progress of your staff on call, assigning work remotely is a hassle as well because you don’t know where exactly they are. To overcome this limitation of remote […]

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Live Field staff tracking

Live Field Staff Tracking

Are you able to manage the workforce efficiently and cut costs to increase profit? If you are struggling to manage the workforce, then we have a solution for you. It is field force manager software that will increase your performance and work efficiency. Who can make use of this software? Marketing staff, KFC delivery staff, […]

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Top Benefits of Field Tracking Software

Is it hard to manage your delivery staff when they are out in the field? Don’t know whether an order has been delivered or not? All your mind-boggling questions are answered with field task management software. All you need is an Android device with GPS to make the software work. Are you ready to use […]

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Track your delivery staff with ease

There are times when it is difficult to manage your field staff. Whether it’s a KFC delivery staff, courier delivery staff or McDonald delivery staff, you need a systematic approach in order to manage your field staff members. Field staff is everywhere. You should know why field staff is critical for your business. It creates […]

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Keep Track of Your On-the-go Employees

A boon to every employer! Hiding from your boss when you had an extended lunch by just saying you were on a business meeting is not that easy with this new product. Many employers are now keeping track of their employees’ activities with the help of GPS employee location tracking software. This concept came into […]

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The Rules of Employee Location Tracking

Companies are increasingly using GPS tracker to monitor the movements of their field agents. This new technology has proved to be very beneficial for employers as it helps track the location and movement of their on-site employees. Earlier, it was difficult for employers to track the productivity and performance of employees who are constantly on […]

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