How to Deal with Employees Not Clocking in or out of Work?

One of the biggest complaints from businesses that employ field services and workers who operate remotely is employees not clocking in and out of their respective shifts. Whether it is an action by mistake or workers do it on purpose, missing to clock in and out of the shifts can result in inaccurate payments and reduced productivity. Employees missing to clock in or out can result in time theft. Hence, hurting the business and its productivity. It can also result in employees not getting acknowledged or gaining fair compensation for their clocked-in working hours. Either case is unacceptable and can give birth to adverse outcomes. It is smart to avoid such situations altogether and educate all employees to clock in and out of their respective shifts to avoid confusion. Field staff tracking app forces and employees working remotely must understand the legal framework and the most effective practices is to clock in and out of their regular shifts to protect the interest of the business. That way, employees can assure that they stick to the protocols laid down by the business. They can also get paid fairly, based on the hours they work. In the following blog, you can find the most common issues that may occur due to inefficiencies in the time clock. You will also understand the right practices to create the best fitting system that suits your workforce. The best employee tracking app can be found here. This app has the best features and one of the best ratings online. To see if the app is right for you, check out the app on its website to see if it’s a good fit.

Why Do Employees Not Clock in or Out?

The most common reason why employees miss recording their time is having an incorrect schedule in the timesheets. Such mistakes can affect both your business and your staff. As the hours that are sent to calculate the payroll can have errors, it can affect both the business and the staff. Several reasons can make people forget to clock out, including the following: They simply miss clocking in and out. One of the most common reasons why employees forget to clock in and out includes purely forgetting as a mandatory task. Employees generally forget to Clock out if they are changing their work sites or are in a hurry. Businesses can automate the processes to make clocking less of a task for employees. An automated time clock system can guarantee that the employees are reminded to clock in and out their time according to the schedule. Employees intentionally steal time. There are many situations where an employee does not clock in or out in an attempt to steal time. Time theft can happen in a lot of forms. Some of the most common ways employees steal time include intentionally leaving the clock running to receive payment for full hours, attempting to cover late check-ins and early check-outs, prolonging breaks. Whatever may be the reasons, it is extremely essential for businesses to minimize the errors in recording working hours.

How to Make Employees Clock in and out?

  • Lay down protocols and make a legal company policy on time logging and tracking.
  • Encourage employees and raise awareness about the benefits of adhering to the rules laid down in the time logging policy.
  • Use the most appropriate and automated time tracking application to simplify clocking in and out for your staff members.

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