Smartphone App Configuration And Troubleshoot Guide

Check list before the app is installed:

  1. Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) onwards.
  2. Device is GPS enabled

Basic approach of working this GPS tracker is to take the location from GPS and when GPS signal is not available it takes the location from Wi-Fi signals or through Network towers available around the places.

What will be required to use this app:

  1. Trial is completely free to download from Google Play Store and only requires to have an account with
  2. Application will use GPS only when the device is on the move. Rest of the time it works with Wi-Fi location and mobile data to identify the location. Hence very less power consumption is made by the App even if GPS is permanently on. We encourage you to keep GPS on all the time for best use of this Application.
  3. This application is designed to work even if the mobile internet data is not available(offline) for the device and only connected to Wi-Fi time to time.
  4.  This App Requires maximum of 50 MB per month internet data consumption (Wi-Fi or Mobile data).
  5. Email alerts will be received by all users across the globe without any restrictions.

Smartphone installation Guide Video:

Troubleshoot Guide:

1.    How to install app on your staff Smartphone when they are away from you.

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  • Share admin Connect My World Email Id and Password with Smartphone holder.
  • With this Email Id and Password the device holder can install the app.
  • Once the app is installed and running you can always change the password by login to // .
  • This way the installed devices will remain attached with your Connect My World account for you to track.

2.    Not able to see any movement on Connect My World platform.

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  •    Not able to see any movement on Connect My World platform means that GPS module of your smartphone is either not enabled or it is not working as expected.
  •    To confirm that you can use many GPS status check app available on Google Play Store like GPS Status ( // ) which can give fair idea if the GPS module functioning properly for your Smartphone.
  • Also to see real-time movement on Connect My World platform and receive alerts it is important to have mobile internet data always on of the Smartphone.

3.    App is consuming battery.

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  •  We nee to understand that this app is security app and must be running 24/7 on the device. So there wlll be around 10 -20% of extra battery consumption depending upon the mobile make.
  • At the same time this app is carefully designed to minimized the impact of battery consumption.
  • This app depends on GPS and Wi-Fi to get the location and due to that there will be some battery consumption.
  • Keeping the mobile internet data always on and connected.
  • When the tracking is not required you should logout first and then switch off the GPS.

4.    In the map I am able to see all the locations with only red dots and with less location accuracy.

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  •  If GPS is enabled but you see all your movement without speed and with less location accuracy on Connect My World platform map it means GPS module of the device is not working properly and requires re-verification with some other navigation app like GPS Status app ( // from Google Play Store.
  •  If the location displayed is mixed as some times without speed and some times with speed, it means the device’s GPS signal is weak or GPS antenna reception is not good.

5.    Can my device work without mobile data(2G, 3G, 4G…) on it, that is device without SIM card?

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  •  Yes, as long as GPS of the device is enabled and working properly, while you are on the move it will collect the data of all your movement and once the device gets connected back with the internet it will send movement details to the platform.
  • The only thing will happen that you will not be to receive real-time alerts like Over Speed and Geo-zones alerts and will not able to see the real-time movement of the device on the Connect My World platform.

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