Corporate Account Activation And Training Charges


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Product Description

To promote the existing account to corporate and remote training charges.

Corporate account is different form individual account as it specifically designed for out corporate users. This is not manage large number of devices very easily under corporate account by creating the supervisors and departments with limited access. Also it allows to download the reports apart from view it online.

Corporate account benefits are as below:

1. Access to the predefined reports in the system and download the reports in MS Excel for further processing.
2. Ease to manage larger number of device with the concept of group and providing visibility control for different users.
3. Tracker and Geo-Fence can be tied up with specific groups, and user can be given access to specific group or groups.
4. As administrator this user can create other users with limited access, like view only or view and edit permissions.
5. Create you own groups(as a customers) to manage large number if devices and divide into sub groups.


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