Field Force Tracking – Tips to enhance the productivity of your delivery staff

Since you cannot track each delivery executive in your team individually, many employees take advantage of this remote limitation and procrastinate in their work. Delayed deliveries, not completing the tasks assigned for the day and spending work hours doing their own work can cause your business some serious damage. Here are some tips from Field Force Tracking app and Employee tracking app to help you streamline your delivery division and enhance the profitability of your business:

In the past, companies had to rely on paper time sheets and manual data entry in order to keep track of employee hours. However, this is no longer the case. Now, there are field force tracking apps that allow companies to track employee hours in real-time. This means that employers can see exactly where their employees are at any given moment, and they can also monitor employee productivity levels. As a result, employee tracking app have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.connectmyworld is also best data collection app


1.Assign area-specific tasks Divide your area of business amongst your field staff to cover all parts of the region. Then allocate each area to one delivery executive, which they are solely responsible for. It means that under normal circumstances, the respective Field Force Tracking  delivery staff needs to makes sure that all the tasks in that specific area are completed. In case of more deliveries on one area and less in others, you can intervene and make simple alterations. 2.Promote multiple deliveries per trip While large online retail stores have hundreds of products to deliver every day in any area, same is not the case with every business. Sometimes there are only 2-3 deliveries in a day, or maybe none. If possible, prefer sending your staff to deliver multiple items in the same area. This saves on transportation costs and also allows easy tracking of your staff. 3.Invest in a smart field staff tracking tool This becomes essential if you have a team of delivery executives and multiple orders every day. There are many field staff tracking and task management solutions available these days which allow you to track the location of your team in real time. You can get immediate updates regarding completion of tasks and even assign new tasks to your staff based on their location. One such field staff tracking and Field force management software is offered by Connect My World, and you can register for a free one month trial by visiting their website.   For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email: Our Products Are Field Force Service Management Software App | Employee GPS Tracking | GPS Tracking System for Mobiles | | GPS Tracker APP

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