How to Deal With Procrastinating Sales Staff

Any manager who is tasked with the responsibility of handling an on-field sales team can relate to the innumerous excuses and lies that sales executives furnish on a daily basis. From make believe meetings to non-existent traffic jams, we have heard them all. While many managers believe in taking regular updates from their sales staff over calls, it is very time consuming and tedious. Plus, there is no guarantee that your employees are exactly where they claim to be. employee tracking app This is why many companies, big and small, have now turned to GPS enabled field staff tracking app and Data collection app solutions to keep an eye on what their employees are doing. These applications allow you to track the location of any employee using your smartphone. Since your sales executives know that they are being tracked, they can no longer sleep at home in the name of client meetings. Not only tracking, you can even assign new tasks to them on a real time basis directly from your device. The employees will receive these tasks on their connected devices and can execute and send updates directly to you. Beyond ensuring efficiency, this also helps in enhancing the productivity of the team and saves time in coordination. If you have never used any such application in the past, you can first take a trial to experience the convenience this offer. Connect My World is giving away one month free trial of its Field Staff Tracking and Task Management application so that you can understand the benefits first hand. The application comes with a range of amazing features that will surely boost the performance of your sales division. employee tracking app provides businesses with a comprehensive way to track employee performance and activity. The app allows managers to see which employees are logging the most sales, and how effective they are at closing deals. In addition, the employee tracking app can be used to monitor employee attendance and identify patterns of tardiness. By tracking employee performance, businesses can identify areas where employees may need additional training or support. In addition, the employee tracking app can help managers to identify top performers and recognize them for their achievements. As a result, the employee tracking app is an essential tool for sales staff we are best data collection app     For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email: Our Products Are Field Force Service Management Software App | Employee GPS Tracking | GPS Tracking Software

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