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When it comes to managing a business, no level of preparedness is enough. Not only do you need to constantly keep a check on the efficiency, a vigilant eye on the shortcomings is essential. Especially when you have a huge team or you manage field operations, it becomes even important to keep a track of the progress. To help you manage all your remote activities efficiently, Connect My World has introduced a field staff tracking system. This smartphone based software allows you to personally monitor your staff and vehicles. It is incredibly easy to use and allows you to perform various tasks without any hassles. The features of this software include real time staff tracking, vehicle tracking, live task allocation, task status update and so much more. The tasks can be allocated on the basis of area and the current location of your employees. All your on-field staffs, vehicles and other assets are connected to the cloud based system, which makes it easy to keep an eye on the activities simultaneously. You can even share the location, task lists, status updates and other details with your colleagues, team and even your customers. Many companies dealing in delivery business, on-field sales activities, travel agencies and other domains have now adopted the technology to ensure safety for their business and team via cloud networking. Big MNCs who have pickup and drop services for work can also incorporate the Employee tracking App software to add a sense of security amongst your employees who use the company’s pickup and drop services for work. If you have used any such tracking software in the past, you know how efficient and helpful these are. If not, you can experience the convenience and security these offer by availing a free one month trial from Connect My World. Simply visit the website, enroll your business for a free trial and witness how you can streamline your field activities with just the touch of a button. to know more visit Data Collection App   For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tel: +91 8105815801 Email: Our Products Are Field Employee Location Tracking App | GPS Location Tracking | GPS Tracking System For Mobiles
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