The Telematics Of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking systems have become a need than a want. They have gained a wide acceptance today. This acceptance is a result of the ease offered in the functioning of this system. The telematics or mechanics of tracking is so simple and understandable that it has helped the users in adapting to it not only easily, but also quickly.

In simple terms, the vehicle tracking systems help the orbiting satellites watch your vehicle from above. 24 satellites orbit the Earth and transmit signals to the ground. Each satellite orbits the planet every 12 hours, and they are strategically placed, thereby assuring, accurate triangulation.

Triangulation is a methodology that requires at least three active satellites on one hand and can view as many as twelve, on the other hand. On the ground, a GPS vehicle tracking device receives signals from the GPS satellites, whereby, each satellite knows the exact distance from the other satellites in its proximity. Depending on the time it takes for a signal to reach the device from each satellite, the GPS receiver can calculate the vehicle’s exact location on the ground.

In our day to day lives, we have all used or seen somebody using GPS in their handhelds to search for a location or to understand how far they are from a destined point. We have seen the accuracy of the GPS system ourselves. It indicates every turn at the end of every street. Considering the distance a signal must travel, from space, the accuracy of GPS tracking is remarkable.

All GPS tracking systems are not the same. They differ in their scope, purpose, suitability and usage. Anyone who plans to install a GPS should first define the set of needs they want the system to fulfil and to their surprise, the system will work wonders for them.

The simple telematics of this system has helped the concept of vehicle tracking gain momentum. This technology has proved to be a blessing in disguise for not only businesses, but, individuals too. It is highly recommended that people go for this option to choose a safer and securer life.


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