Are you sure your toddler is safe with the auto wallah?

It is important for both parents to work if they want to live the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. Even if there is an elder living with the family, he/she can only be expected to take care of the child at home. They will not be able to deal with the commute and the traffic of taking the child to the preschool or play school. You should then get the help of other people to take care of your child. On the other hand, you can also make use of a reliable children tracking system to monitor your child’s movements anytime anywhere.

These days most schools offer transportation facilities for their students. The school management will be responsible for the safety of the student from the time they’re picked up from home till the time they’re dropped off after school. However, it is not the case of preschools and play schools. These institutes are generally small, and will not provide transportation. So, as a parent, it will be your sole responsibility to drop your child at school and pick him/her up after school hours.

It will be difficult for working parents to take time off every day to do this chore. Plus, you can’t rely on your parents to do the same. So, the most convenient option will be to arrange for private transport, like an auto. Even if you know the auto driver very well, you can’t be always assured of your toddler’s safety. In such a time, you can make use of a children tracking system. This system is GPS-based and consists of a transmitter, receiver, and an online platform.

The GPS tracker for children is a small compact device that’s just the size of a match box. You can keep this tracking device in your child’s backpack or lunch bag. This passive tracker will allow you to monitor your child’s movement from afar. The signals from the transmitter are triangulated by the Global Positioning Satellites, which then transmit the location information details to the receiver. The information is displayed on the online platform in a visual format for easy viewing. You can also get the accurate location details by giving a missed call to the tracking device from your registered mobile. The location details and directions to the location are clearly displayed in your smartphone.

It is better to be safe than sorry. So, get the best GPS tracker for children to keep your kid safe. And you don’t have to worry about sending your child with the auto wallah anymore!

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