The secret of keeping your clients happy and satisfied

Are you running a service center? Then you will be getting plenty of calls from clients for appliance repairs. You will have mechanics and technicians visiting the client’s house to repair the appliance. When it comes to repairing and servicing large home appliances and white goods, users prefer to go to an authorized service center. So, when they set up an appointment, you should send the technicians as soon as possible. The second point is that if the client is a commercial establishment, then they will want the appliance to be checked and up running as soon as possible. Or, it could mean financial loss for them. So, it becomes very important for you not just to provide excellent service, but also service on time. To do this, you should ensure that your mechanics and technicians reach the client’s place on time. so you definitely need a field force manager app to just ensure the employees gone to the particular customer and you can track them whether they reached at the right time or not.

In order to track and monitor their movement, you can make use of the employee location tracking app. Designed to work based on GPS, this app makes employee tracking app easy and efficient. Do you want to know how this mobile tracking application works? It is very simple. The signals from the tracking app are triangulated by the satellites and the location details are transmitted to the receiver, which displays the location information on the online platform. You will be able to see the accurate location of all the technicians on the online platform.

When you get a call from the client regarding servicing the appliance, you can check the free technician who is closest to that location. Immediately, you can contact the employee and direct them to the address. The mobile employee location tracking app will allow you to check the direction of movement of the technician. When the technician reaches the address, you will know it. Plus, you will also be able to track the time spent by the technician servicing the appliance in the client’s place so that the next task can be assigned after completion.

In case, there is some delay in the technician reaching the client’s place because of traffic or any other problem, then you can contact the client and inform them about the delay. If required, you can check if there’s any other technician free and send him instead. The secret of keeping your clients happy is providing on-time reliable service for your clients. You can do this efficiently by using the mobile employee location tracking device.


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