Field Staff Management Software for Businesses with Field Employees

In modern times it is impossible for businesses to operate without the use of mobile devices and computers. If you run a business that relies completely on manual processes, scheduling appointments, monitoring the status of your processes, managing inventory, and tracking your employees, you might suffer from inefficiencies in your workforce that are working remotely. […]

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Improve Your Business Productivity with Mobile Data Collection App

Every business, despite the sector, is essentially dependent on data for their productivity and growth. “Data is valuable” stands valid when it comes to the current evolving and technology-driven world. Companies all across the globe collect data to comprehend their customers, business pain points, customer requirements, engagement statistics, and retention management. Data is a necessity […]

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Employee Monitoring Software

Why Sales Business Needs An Employee Tracking App?

Businesses running their services with the help of employees as fleet and remote workforces require proper employee tracking applications. These employee tracking applications enable businesses to track their employees, activity, and progress as they complete their day-to-day tasks. The Employee Tracking App also helps businesses keep track of their employee activities, attendance, visited places and […]

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Reasons Why You Need an Employee Location Tracking App

Your employees are the trademark of your company. They are who keep your company running. However, sometimes a lazy employee may attempt to steal time or money from your business. To avoid losing quintessential time and money to employees who might be wasting time during work hours and to limit the chances of an external […]

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New Rules for App Data Collection Transparency – A Relief to Users

Honesty is the best policy! Of course, one feature in mobile applications that all customers wait for is complete data transparency. Data transparency has rapidly become a crucial and critical ingredient in the customer experience recipe for all organizations running an online application. Based on the new rules generated for application “Data Collection” transparency, users […]

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Get all work done smoothly, even outside the office

With competition in the market increasing by the hour, you need to up your game. That means giving your customers better service than the others. And what makes the customer happier than getting that service in their own house? Home delivery is a common service today. Though it is easy for the customer, it is […]

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Managing a Remote Team

Interference vs. Managing a Remote Team

Working with a team that operates on the field can be a tricky situation as you cannot constantly keep in touch or monitor the progress of your team. Some field staff managers call their employees every few hours to enquire about the status of tasks assigned. While this might ensure that the field staff does […]

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Free Trial of Field Staff Tracking by Connect My World

The biggest challenge in managing field staff or on-field employees is tracking their location to ensure efficiency and performance. Not only is it difficult to monitor the progress of your staff on call, assigning work remotely is a hassle as well because you don’t know where exactly they are. To overcome this limitation of remote […]

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