An Overview of the GPS Employee Field Service Tracking Software

With the recent improvements in the field of communications and technology, organizations are turning their marketing and non-marketing workforce into a mobile division. It helps companies cut costs on office space, electricity, hardware, and other related expenses. Service industries have also started providing onsite support to their customers to improve customer satisfaction. Various online shopping sites provide products such as food, electronics, books, clothes, and more to customers with free doorstep delivery. In such cases, there is more importance on the time of delivery of these products. Delivering products on time would help them survive the competition with other players. All these have resulted in an increased need for employee tracking app to monitor their location and activities.

Monitoring employees will help companies increase productivity and profits. Identifying the location of employees could be achieved with the help of GPS employee tracking systems. GPS technology utilizes satellites orbiting around the earth and the GPS receiver to obtain the exact location of people in real-time.

Connect My World is one of the pioneers in the field of GPS employee location tracking software. The device can be installed onto the vehicles used to carry the products or onto vehicles provided to employees for official purposes. GPS employee tracking enables the team head to make sure that the field agents are available at the expected locations on time. Whenever they deviate from their destination, an alert could be sent to notify the senior management. Such notifications and alerts could be sent along with the help of field service tracking software. The software can be installed onto an Android Smartphone for convenient use.

This field tracking software can be used to inform end customers about the location of their product and when it can be expected. The software utilizes the GPS facility which is now widely available in most smartphones to detect the exact location of the person. These applications are usually developed for all major platforms such as Android, Windows, and IOS. The field service tracking software provides features other than just the location in real-time. It provides details on speed, the time at which the person reached the location, and the travel path as well. Such information is highly valuable and when used properly can enhance the business.

Employee location tracking software designed by Connect My World provides such features in their GPS devices. Reports could be generated based on requirements at various time intervals. Field force manager is slowly increasing in popularity and could be soon expected to play a major role in assisting management decisions on costing and investments.


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