Fleet management… thanks to the online vehicle tracking!!

In today’s world, we work as a team. As far as business goes, we are left to the mercy of our staff. It is true that the success or failure of a business to a certain extent is largely dependent on team support. But there’s also another stronger fact coming to light that not always do people function in a manner that is profitable to the employer.

But now with the vehicle tracking system in India, this worry is no more a part of the businessman’s routine, which has a team on-field. The system helps one get hold of his business by keeping track of his team. The device facilitates keeping a check on the routes taken by the drivers. In the case of a longer route being taken, the driver can be guided to take a shorter route, thereby averting delays in reaching and also optimizing fuel efficiency.

Another useful alert that is sent via SMS to a pre-configured number is in case of over-speeding. An alert is sent when the vehicle crosses a prescribed speed limit. It serves to be useful as the employer can prompt the driver to slow down, in order to avoid mishaps, and also there is a possibility that the driver would not over speed keeping in mind he is under a watchful eye.

Online vehicle tracking sends regular alerts with respect to the vehicle location at a particular time. This aids in judging the estimated time of arrival so as to plan out a future course of action for the vehicle – a feature particularly of use by radio cab operators – a business that is gaining ground in India.

Fleet management can sometimes be a stressful activity, and tracking your vehicles specifically can add an extra layer of difficulty. Fortunately, some online solutions can ease some of this pain. Read on to learn how fleet tracking can help you save time, money, and headaches!
connectmyworld employee tracking app assures fleet management…

Rescheduling of delivery locations in case of cancellations or amendments, aiding the staff in case of location access, avoiding certain locations due to traffic or weather woes are some of the unique features provided by the device. This helps in customer satisfaction as well, boosting productivity.


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