Children Tracking System – A Safety Device Much Recommended for Your Kids!

With issues of child safety doing much rounds, we bring you a device that would help you in lessening your worries about your child as he ventures out on his own – GPS Tracker for children. The device comes as a relief for parents who are terrified about their kids’ safety while they are at work or kids are out on their own. The GPS tracker for children ensures safety of your children by giving you real time updates on location, on demand!

How does it do it? The children tracking system uses GPS location tracking and that is how you get location access of your child. The detail is sent to a pre set mobile number via Google Maps, either through an SMS or by giving a miss call.

The device is much easier for your child to carry as it extremely light weight. Hence, children do not have a reason to deny owing to its weight. The size of the tracker is not more than that of a matchbox, it can easily slip into their bags or backpacks without worrying about space and weight. Also, the tracking device does not require any bulky gadget to track like a laptop or desktop. You can easily track it via mobile phones too! With a warranty of 6 months and cost that is easily affordable, the children tracking system is not limited to kids alone. Give it to your old aged parents and you do not have to worry any longer about their safety. The device comes with a very high battery life, so no more worry if your child is using it all day and the battery go off.

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Simple to use, easy to carry – the device is highly recommended for old aged people, physically challenged and of course children!

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