Steps To Follow For Trail Of Live Tracking Solution

  • Visit the and go through the registration process with valid email id under individual and not in corporate.

  • Once the registration is completed pickup the device(Android with GPS) which need to be tracked and go to Google Play Store.

  •  Search for the app by name  ”Field Task Manager” and download it and install it in internal memory not in SD card.

  • Open the “Field Task Manager” app and it will ask about the email id, password and device id( can be the first name of the phone holder, for corporate use we suggest to use combination of first name and employee id as device id).

  • Here provide the same email id and password used for the registration for as a individual.

  • You can register 3 devices for the trial by giving different device id for each phone.

  • After device registration again login to platform by login under individual and view the location of the device movement and logging of task done by the phone.

  • After login under Menu go to Connect My World->Platform and view locations on Google Map.

Note: If you are not getting desired results for some of the devices after following the above steps please talk to us and we will try to help you to troubleshoot and make it working correctly.

For further detail as how you can use Connect My World platform, watch this Video and read this Kick-Start guide.

Once you are happy with functions and features of the product kindly talk to us or write us and we will promote your account to corporate with number of devices as per your requirement.


Corporate account benefits are as below:

  • FTM Supervisor app to monitor movement and manage work of the employees.

  • Ease to manage larger number of device with the concept of group and providing visibility control for different users.

  • Tracker and Geo-Fence can be tied up with specific groups, and user can be given access to specific group or groups.

  • As administrator this user can create other users with limited access, like view only or view and edit permissions.

  • Access to and download the predefined performance reports like attendance, stop summary, trip summary in the system.

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