Smartphone with GPS Tracker

Smartphone with GPS Tracker is an essential tool for any business that wants to keep track of their employees. The tracker uses GPS to pinpoint the location of the phone, and it also has a geofencing feature that alerts the business when an employee leaves a designated area. The tracker is also useful for managing employee schedules and tracking time worked. In addition, the connectmyworld website provides a variety of resources that businesses can use to improve their employee tracking App and management. Overall, the connectmyworld Smartphone with GPS Tracker is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Important points before phone is used:

  • For best results keep the phone away from body, like keeping in backpacks, pouch or on car dashboard are few suggested options.

  • It is all pre-configured and ready to use product.

  • After putting a SIM card into the phone go to Settings->SIM management ->Data Connection -> select off and then Select the available data connection. This step will ensure that data connection related settings for current SIM is taken by this phone.

  • Any setting changes with the phone can only be done by the Connect My World account holder with the 6 digit password shared through separate email. In any case do not share this code with the phone holder.

  • To save battery it is advisable, switch off the GPS after working hours and switch back on before working hours starts and enable Wi-Fi connection only when it is required.

  • It is strongly recommended to use this phone primarily for GPS tracking and install any other new app if required in SD card memory.

  • During working hours GPS must be always be on. Whenever GPS is switched on/off on the device, notification SMS will be sent by this phone to master mobile immediately. To receive SMS, login to Connect My World and under Connect My World -> Manage Profile update the setting  “Receive SMS alert on Master Mobile when GPS on/off and Low Battery for Smartphone” to yes. Also don’t forget to put Master Mobile Number under the same page or at the device level.

  • Master mobile number is the number which will receive SMS alerts.

  • Phone notification bar will display the name of the phone holder and master mobile number which will receive various notifications and alerts for this phone.

  • Give phone the phone holder name. After login to go to Connect My World -> Platform Menu -> Manage Devices and select the device id for which you want to make this change and edit Device Name. After changing the device name all recording of movement of device will start happening with the device name provided.

  • Create Geo-Fence for recording and measuring the phone holder attendance and punctuality. After login to go to Connect My World -> Platform Menu -> Manage Geo-Zone and Alerts and configure Geo-Fences.

  • If wireless network data connection is not available pending location data will be sent by phone when connected again with wifi or network.

  • Inside the building or passing through narrow lane between high rise buildings or area covered by trees heavily may reduce GPS signal strength to the extent where GPS tracking may not be possible.

  •  Use active data plan(2G or 3G) of 250 MB per month which will be sufficient for live tracking.

  • Do not share the security code with the phone holder and also try to avoid any new application downloads on this phone.

  • Many applications which are data intensive are locked and can be opened only with the 6 digit code provided you through a separate email.

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