SIM Card Management for GPS Tracker

This section explain about as how to apply for a new SIM card, get this activated and recommendation for best plan which meets your needs for both Vehicle and Personal GPS trackers.

Also here we are here taking example as to buy Airtel prepaid SIM and encourage you to go for the same but there is no restriction about the network provider you go with. If you think that there is a different provider like Reliance, Docomo, Vodafone etc… in your area having better network then go for it.

Steps for applying new SIM:

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Here we will encourage you to purchase prepaid SIM as it will turn out to be very less cost effective for ongoing maintenance of the tracker.

  • Go to the nearest mobile store and apply for a new prepaid SIM card by submitting the required documents.
  • Documents required should be one passport size photo, address proof and id proof.
  • Ask shopkeeper to put First Recharge, towards top up and don’t buy any specific Data, SMS  or Voice plan.

Steps for SIM Activation:

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  • Check with the shopkeeper as when new applied SIM will be ready for activation. It varies from place to place but usually it is 2 working days.
  • Once submitted document is approved by mobile network provider it is a good time to get the SIM verification and activation done.
  • Put the SIM in any mobile and check if the network is acquired by the phone.
  • Call mobile network provider customer support for address verification and SIM activation(for Airtel and many others the number to call is 121 but shopkeeper will be able to provide the correct number).
  • Once the address verification is done, SIM should be ready for use, verify it by giving missed call to any other number you may know.
  • Store this new SIM phone number in your admin/master mobile phone with the name of the person/vehicle going to use this SIM for the tracker.

Purchase plan for Vehicle Tracker:

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Any plan which is offering more than 100 MB of 2G or 3G data for 30 days is sufficient to carry out. Almost all the network providers are offering very attractive 3G or 2G plans. Plans like one Airtel is offering 300 MB 3G data for 30 days is more than sufficient to go ahead with.  

Note: For commercial use of vehicle can consider Corporate Postpaid Plan offered by Airtel named as “VTS99″.  Which is data and SMS enabled plan. They are offering this plan for just Rs. 99 per month with unlimited 2G data. It also works very well with vehicle tracker. You can check the nearest Airtel outlet for more detail about this plan and how to apply for it. This plan can be purchased by the business users only.

Purchase plan for Personal Tracker:

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For personal tracker you need active SIM card with SMS send and receive capability.

There are 2 approaches:

Buy monthly SMS pack: It is around 300 SMS for 30 to 40 Rs per month, it is certainly a very less cost effective option but you need to remember and recharge it every month.

Fill it, Forget it: Just buy the top up of Rs 300 and in normal scenario it should work for more than 6 months, it might appear expensive but the benefit is no worry to remember and recharging every month. If you think that you can exhaust more than 100 SMS in a month then in that case first option of buying monthly pack can be considered.