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Now you can track your entire workforce in real-time whether they are on the field or at the office with the newly developed GPS tracking app. Everybody can utilize this employee tracking app to follow up on their employees. How is this possible? The device transforms your employees’ smart phone into a state of the art tracking device. It essentially becomes a part of a management tool so that you are practically with your employees no matter their geographical location. If you are looking to find accountability within your workforce or increase time productivity, this is possible with the tracking app. ConnectMyWorld is a new data collection app that offers a variety of features to help businesses track and improve their employee productivity. With GPS tracking, businesses can see where their employees are at all times and how they are moving around the workplace. This information can be used to improve employee productivity by optimizing workflows and eliminating inefficiencies Real Time location Tracking This employee location tracking app has benefits for both the company and its employees. Because it has real time updates about employee’s location, it is vital to the company. It can track the time spent on each job and allows more accountability. In addition, it can boost the productivity through team intelligence and equip your employees with better communication. The app benefits the employees in multiple ways too by using a GPS tracker. The employees will work more efficiently and more dedicatedly. It ensures employee safety and when the employee leaves the GPS turns off. It can be challenging for any corporation to manage a mobile workforce. It can be especially concerning especially in delivery, logistics or courier companies. That is why the field staff tracking helps employers keep up with their employees while out in the field. Tracking and checking employees help avoid any delays. In every industry, the most important priority is customer satisfaction. Real Time GPS Tracker can get rid of your worries when it comes to tracking employees. If an employee wastes precious business hours, the head of the company needs to know about it. With GPS Tracking device, you can monitor every business deal and valuable assets. For Enquires: ConnectMyWorld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Employee GPS Tracking | Data Collection Forms App | Field Force Service Management Software

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