Field Data Collection App – What, Why, How?

Connect My World has innovated a comprehensive field tracking system app that offers live monitoring system that gives you supervision and productivity on the move. With this monitoring app, you can give tasks in real time and seek updates for completion. The live tracking feature lets you give location specific tasks to increase the productivity. Your workers also can easily report any delays, issues in compliance directly via the software. A handheld device can eradicate so many hours of repetitive work. In this technical day and age, it is important to have field data collection app. This versatile field data collection app has been engineered to cause life to become easy for field agents and managers. Field data collection app has been geared for businesses which would like to bring solutions for their exact and individual business cases. As a result, this does not require any technical or coding knowledge. Those who use this can simply point and click to design workflows and build their field data collection apps. This Employee tracking app software allows data you require is delivered to you with affordable cost in a timely manner and in a package that will genuinely assist your company to successfully attain its goals and targets. To add on to the benefits, you can also track and maintain on your field team’s productivity using real time. this employee tracking app is very useful to track your employees What does this ‘field data collection app’ contain? The field data collection app has been configured to give you an all-encompassing solution. It functions with three basic, simple, and interesting components:

  • Field Data Collection App
  • Field Data Collection Dashboard
  • Reports and Data Management
    • The Field app is the basic point of contact for field workers who are on the field, collecting data. It consists of the following functionalities

    • A simple and comprehensible UI-UX to execute tasks and collect data
    • Mobile forms as per your business needs to help you collect the perfect data.
    • Real time and offline recording and storage of data (i.e. even in areas with poor network) eliminating any delays or hiccups in data collection and processing
    • You can improve the overall productivity of your remote team, and heighten their performance without having to spend large amount for tools for the field staff monitoring using the help GPS Tracking software.

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