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The new Field Staff Tracking and Task Monitoring solution by Connect My World is a smartphone based software that allows you to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business by monitoring the activity of your on field employees. Here are some fantastic ways it can help you streamline your field operations, with the control at your fingertips:

Know the current location of your team

With this app, you can easily track the current location of every member of your on-field team. This feature is a perfect assistant to people who manage field sales teams, delivery business, employee pickup/drop services and other similar business lines. Irrespective of the number of members in your team, you can check their real time location on your smartphone. The Field Staff Tracking system by Connect My World integrates all your assets through a cloud based network and lets you access it with the touch of a button.
Employee Monitoring Software

View and update task lists in real time

The Connect My World smartphone app allows you to create a customized task list for all your on-field staff. Not only can you upload a daily, weekly or monthly task sheet, you can view and edit it at any point of time. Based on your requirements, you can edit or remove any task from your smartphone easily. You can even add new tasks even when your team is out on the field. The changes made by you will be updated on their smartphones in real time, ensuring proper communication.

Seek update on tasks allocated

Not only can you add or remove tasks for specific employees quickly, you can request task updates, completion confirmations and troubleshooting details in real time as well. This enables you to take necessary corrective measures or deploy extra efforts to mitigate any probable issues. It also gives you an overview of the efficiency of your staff and lets you assess their performance easily.


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