Today’s world runs on technology; the use of computers has become an essential tool in the workplace, and the internet has become an integral part of a business. Employee tracking software is technology-oriented software that helps collect relevant information on employees’ performance at the workplace. A good employee tracking software has numerous benefits; it captures employee activity on devices and tracks the usage patterns to generate reports. Use the employee tracking app as a reward awarding tool instead of a mistake-finding tool. With the right tracking software, you can successfully follow the activities of an employee wherever they are during office hours. With this tool, an organization can track and analyze their productive time and send periodic pop-ups if they find employees idling their time.

connectmyworld is a new data collection app that promises to revolutionize the way research is conducted. The app allows users to connect their smartphone or tablet to a variety of sensors and devices, allowing them to collect and analyze data in real-time. connectmyworld also includes a built-in library of research protocols, making it easy for users to find and follow the methodology that best suits their needs. Best of all, connectmyworld is FREE to download and use. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just getting started, connectmyworld is the perfect tool for your data collection needs.

GPS tracker app is a great way to keep track of your employees while they are on the job. This tracker is small and can be easily hidden on an employee’s person, so they will not even know it is there. Additionally, the connectmyworld tracker uses GPS to track an employee’s location in real-time, so you will always know where they are. This tracker is also great for tracking employee hours, as it can automatically clock them in and out based on their location. Ultimately, the connectmyworld GPS tracking app is a valuable tool for any business that wants to improve its efficiency and productivity.

About Connect My World

Connect my world is a web-based field service management solution, a customized employee tracking app developed after extensive brainstorming. Their vision was to create a managing assistant to track employees of an organization. Connect my world app is easy to use and can be operated on a hand-held android device. Knowing what to look for in employee tracking software is vital for purchasing a product that best fits your business needs.

Connect My World tracking system comes with the following features

High-Level Security

No business will underscore the importance of data which is vital for decision making. Employee tracking systems must be extremely secure to safeguard data. A high-level security feature is essential because data security is one of the prime concerns for most organizations.

Simple User Interface

The user interface of an app is the area of design that combines various spheres of activity; it’s everything that a user can see and interact with. A tracking system must have a simple user-interface feature as it is how a user interacts with the application or website.

Timesheet Calculation

Employee tracking software is a smart HR tool; timesheet calculation is an important feature to look for; the app automates employee scheduling, records time spent on projects, marks attendance, and provides full-time HR solutions.

Employee Attendance Management

Manage the attendance of the staff from your pocket. Employee absenteeism is a significant problem for most organizations. The attendance tracking feature captures real-time data for accurate employee attendance and leave.

Live Screenshot Capturing

End-to-end capturing is a feature to look for in an employee tracking app as it makes a job easy. Taking screenshots is the easiest way to capture something for future use.

Location tracking

The GPS function feature helps monitor the whereabouts of employees and company-owned vehicles.

Tracking Browser History

The tracking browser history feature is a utility that reads the history data of various web browsers. It is a feature that makes it easier to re-find websites and keeps tabs on the employee’s internet browsing for as long as they are online.

Auto Scheduling

Time management is crucial for workforce management; Organizations suffer due to wastage of time by the employees. With a time auto-scheduling feature, a company can easily manage shift work and reduce the cost due to time theft.

Productivity Evaluation

Productivity is a component of performance, an important feature, and is defined as a formal productive procedure to measure an employee’s work and results based on their job responsibilities

. Periodic Comparison

A feature to compare each employee’s performance every quarter of the year. This helps in comparing the engagement level of the employees periodically with the projects they are working on to plan and organize future actions for the business.

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