Manage Your Mobile Workforce with Employee Location Tracking App

One of the biggest challenges for companies with a large mobile workforce is tracking the performance and productivity of the on-site employees. When the employee comes to office every day, attendance, productivity, work performance and other details can be tracked. This tracking process becomes difficult if your employee works out of office most of the time. Technology has a solution to this challenge. Employee location tracking app is an easy-to-download and use mobile application that allows employers to keep track of their field agents.
Many organizations now use mobile apps to keep their employees productive by tracking their location. This app-based solution offers a variety of benefits for managers and employees alike, helping to increase overall efficiency, save employee time, and save money.
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This application is designed to be used in a smartphone, which the employee can carry around when he goes for client visits or home deliveries. The manager can check the time taken for the employee to reach the client’s place, the amount of time spent on the site and even the route taken by the agent to reach the destination. The GPS-enabled employee location tracking system gives real-time updates, enabling managers to have a constant check on the employee movements.

The managers can also use the employee location tracking app to evaluate the performance and productivity of each field agent. Reports can be generated from the app. Based on the information obtained from the reports, the manager can evaluate the productivity of the employee. The manager can also check if the field agent has been efficient in their work or has spent most of the on-site work time doing personal chores. The reports can be used to prove the employees performance during appraisals and performance reviews.

A lot of time and effort can be saved if the employee goes to the work site directly from home each day instead of coming to the office each day to punch attendance. However, this makes it difficult to track attendance. With the GPS-enabled employee location tracking system, this problem can be solved. The employee can digitally punch in through the tracker device when he reaches the site. As the app is GPS enabled, it will allow the manager to check the time and location. So, there will be no chance of the employee saying that he is reporting for work when he actually is at home or any other place. The same procedure can be repeated in the evening when the field agent goes off duty.

GPS-enabled employee location tracking system offers a safe and efficient method to keep track of your mobile workforce.


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