How GPS Tracking Device Can Help Improve Your Business

GPS stands for global positioning system and is used to identify the exact location of an object/person. It was initially developed by the US military to aid them in tracking their troops and that of their enemies during the Cold war. Russian spacecraft Sputnik had been a great source of inspiration for GPS.

GPS includes 32 satellites that orbit around the earth providing data that could be used to identify the exact location Russia has developed a similar system called GLONASS. GPS tracking works on the principle of trilateration wherein the GPS device receives radio waves from three or more satellites, which is then used to identify its location in the three dimensional space. Like many other technologies, GPS tracking which was primarily used as a military intelligence device soon became available for public use. Since its introduction into the civilian sector it has been deployed for various purposes. GPS devices provide data that could be used for several purposes such as to calculate the speed, distance travelled, travel path and current location of a vehicle or person. In India, GPS tracking devices have also been deployed onto ships, aircrafts, trucks and school and government vehicles. This technology is now available so abundantly that it is also found in most mobile phones.It is very convenient and easy to access the details by using data collection app in your phone to know everything about them. People are able to travel much far and quicker than before, thanks to this advanced technology. Tracking people, especially children and employees has also been one of its major applications. Such GPS tracking devices are also available in India through vendors like ConnectMyWorld.

These tracking devices are fixed onto the vehicles to be tracked. The devices send the required data to a central server that collects the data and consolidates them as per requirement. They can also be integrated into software such as CRM and ERP. Parents can monitor their children’s location while they travel between school and home. The devices can send alerts and notifications to parents in case of any delay.

With advancement in technologies, many companies are opting for a mobile workforce. Marketing employees can be tracked to check if they are visiting prospective clients as required and how much time they spend at each place using the tracker. These are only few of the many applications of GPS tracking.

The use of GPS tracking device in India is growing rapidly due to its various benefits across different sectors.The cost of such devices is coming down drastically and will be soon very affordable to the general public who can use them to create new personalized applications.


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