Personal gps tracker for kids

Kids/Personal GPS Tracker(Inclusive of all taxes and shipping charges) with 6 month warranty and view location on any Smartphone.


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Want to return this product? Return it to us within 10 days after it reaches your door step and we will refund the full amount. So there is no cost involved in trying out this product.
This is a safety device and especially in case of child it should not be visible to others while he/she is carrying it. Otherwise the very purpose of using it might not get fulfilled.
Worried about your child’s safety when he/she travels to school in a hired vehicle? Get a personal GPS tracker from Connect My World. These days, it is very difficult to trust anyone. Plus, when we hear about the various cases of child trafficking and kidnapping, any parent is sure to feel worried about sending their child unattended to school. More and more parents in India choose a GPS tracker device to ensure their child’s safety. At Connect My World, we offer some of the highly sophisticated GPS trackers in the country. Small and compact, the GPS tracking device for children is perfectly sized to fit your child’s pocket. You can also tie a string around the small tracker and hang it like a chain around your kid’s neck. This way you can be assured that the personal GPS tracker always stays close to your child. You also get wearable child tracking system that are incorporated into watches, shoes, and other accessories that a kid uses This gps tracking device for kids is designed to help parents keep track of the child’s movements even from afar. It is based on the GPS system. The signals from this child tracking device is beamed to the Global Positioning Satellites that then triangulate the exact position of your kids. The collated information is then converted to an understandable format and displayed on the online platform that you can use for monitoring the child’s movement. You can also give a missed call to the GPS tracker for kids to get details of the accurate location and direction of movement. This Personal gps child tracking system from Connect My World is not just useful for children, but also for the aged and people with memory loss problems. GPS tracking devices for children have been found especially useful for autistic children. Elderly people are prone to periods of memory loss. Sometimes, they may go out to the shop or temple and then forget the way back. In such cases, there are lots of chances that they may get lost and wander away. You will not know where to search for your aged parent or grandparent. At Connect My World, we offer six months manufacturer warranty on all our Kids/Personal GPS trackers. In case you are not happy with this tracking device, you can return it to us within a week. At Connect My World, we offer six months manufacturer warranty on all our GPS trackers. In case you are not happy with the tracking device for children, you can return it to us within a week.

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