Suggested additional configuration for ConnectMyWorld App

To ensure the availability of Field Task Manager service all the time, download and install MonitorFTM app from Play Store.

To avoid accidental uninstall or force stop of this app by the employee, this app is installed with additional protection.
After a trial, to uninstall this app you can go to Settings -> Security -> Device administration and unselect this app. After this step App can be uninstalled successfully.

It is also observed that for REDMI, OPPO, VIVO, LeEco or similar devices few below additional configuration needs to be done before tracking is possible in these phones.

Note: In some phones some of the below steps might not be available or available in different format.

1. Open the Security App for these phones.

2. Go to Permission and Enable Permission Manager if it is already not enabled.

3. Include Field Task Manager for Autostart or Autorun.

4. Allow all the permissions to the Field Task Manager including Get Location permission.

5. Again Open the Security App > Data Usage > Data Usage Stats, select the Field Task Manager and allow background data

6. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Battery > Manage app battery usage
   > Choose App > Field Task Manager > enable these 2 options, No Restriction & Allow application to use location service in background .

For Oppo phones one more step needs to perform

7. Go to Setting ->Security Settings -> Data Saving -> Include Field Task Manager for data savings.

To bring these above mentioned settings into effect,restart the phone and ensure all the previously given settings are still in place.

Note: In some phones to view and set the apps permissions, Permission Manager can be found under Settings -> Security.

After making all these changes reboot the phone, now the phone should be ready for tracking.

Screen Overlay Detected issue in Marshmallow:

1. Restart device in Safe Mode.
2. Go to Settings-> Apps or Application Manager -> Open Field Task Manager.
3. Select Permission and allow all the permissions manually.
4. Restart device in normal mode.
5. Go ahead with the normal registration process.