Why Connect My World?

Currently more than 10,000 employees from small, medium and large very satisfied corporate are starting their day with Field Task Manager app,

Since last 5 years we are the expert in providing solution to corporate for their Field Staff .

Company focus is to meet corporate requirements, to bring transparency and improve efficiency for their Field Staff and hence grow business at fast rate than ever before.

Our main objective is to provide best service to our customers at the lowest rate.  Since it is long term relationship with our customers, reduced cost for using this product becomes very critical.

To lower the recurring cost, business model we have adopted is to engage our customers through telecommunication and through other online medium like video conferencing to clear all their doubts and to give demo, and this help us to lower the cost of subscription almost to 1/3 rd of the cost would have been otherwise where the sales person visit to the customer premises.

Before our customers go for corporate engagement with us we also encourage them to go ahead with free trial to ensure this product is capable of meeting their expectation.

We are doing business directly or through our channel partners. If you also want to become channel partner with us kindly write us at support@connectmyworld.in or call us on +91 8105815801

We invite you to go for free trial  to start relationship with us.