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Field staff, like delivery executives and survey agents, need to collect various data during their tasks. While paper forms are fine for text, other data like images and videos cannot be collected and stored effectively without an organized data system.

The Data Collection App by ConnectMyWorld is a breakthrough solution that helps field staff enter not just text, but signatures, images and videos via Android Forms, both online and offline.


Field Data Collection:


The Common Requirements For Effective Field Data Collection

  • As not all locations have steady internet connectivity, field data collection must happen offline as well.

  • The data must be accurately geo-tagged to ensure that the employee collected it at the right location.

  • The interface of the data form must be easy to navigate and use.

  • The data collection system must be customizable to suit the specific demands of a task.

  • The data form must recognize and submit photos, videos and signatures.

  • It must be a centralized data collection system to generate reports.

  • It must provide the option of downloading the report files.

  • It must not require a dedicated data entry operator to feed the data to the central system.

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What happens if an agency lacks proper data collection tools?

  1. The field staff would need to carry proper forms, which are highly error-prone, and need to be replaced for the next assignment.

  2. Photos and videos would be collected and sent separately, making storage more complicated.

  3. No guarantee of whether the data is collected from the location where the employee claims.

  4. The disintegration of data to be entered in separate forms would require large number of personnel.

  5. Paper forms cannot provide verification of the data entered. For example, there is no way to know if the employee misses to write a digit of a mobile number.

  6. In case incorrect data is collected, the whole assignment must be done again. This will lead to double expenditure of time and resources.

ConnectMyWorld’s Data Collection App offers a comprehensive solution to all the above problems and helps your field employees collect all kinds of data and submit it to the central storage system on the go. This data is easy to access and ready for download in XLS format.

Why choose our Data Collection App?

  • Data collection with real time geotagging and instant submission to the centralized data system.

  • No investment on purchasing additional hardware for data collection, as the app needs only a GPS enabled android phone.

  • Complete removal of paperwork from the data collection process.

  • No need for data entry operators as employees upload data directly to the central storage.

  • User-friendly interface: no need to provide special training to employees to use the app.

  • Downloadable photos, videos and daily reports.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can data be collected when the internet is not available?

Yes, by design this app is capable to collect data when the internet is not available for hours or days.
This app can be very useful when an employee is visiting non-network areas at remote places.
As soon as the internet comes back it will automatically send the collected data back to the platform.
For that reason, we call it a zero data loss system.

2. What type of data can be collected?

It is completely customizable for the client need and can collect any type of data starting from collecting the Purchase Order, Client Meeting Details, Customer Feedback
Collected data apart from ordinary data can have photos, videos, signature, barcode or biometric authentication. information etc….

3. Can this data be downloaded or can be integrated with other ERP or CRM systems.?

This data can be downloaded as an XLS file and can be used for further processed and used as input data for other ERP and CRM system available. Here it is
We are also having the capability to integrate and send the data in real-time through API integration to any existing CRM or ERP system.

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