General Questions

What products are offered by the platform?

Product range include Personal Tracker, Vehicle Tracker and apps for Smartphone to meet the need of individual and corporate.

  • Personal tracker good for personal use. It is more suitable for school going kids.
  • Vehicle tracker can be be used for personal vehicle, fleet and staff tracking.
  • Smartphone app is designed to work Smartphone as complete GPS Tracker.
Is Connect My World platfrom able to serve customers accross the globe?

The answer is yes, as the Connect My World platform is completely internet based hence it is capable to serve uniformly any customer across the globe.

Currently customers not residing in India will be able to receive system generated alerts like over speed and geo-zone arrival/departure alerts through E-mail only.

SMS alerts might be required for the user not carrying the Smartphone to receive alerts through E-mail. Receiving alerts through E-mail with global reach is a better option.

Do I need SIM card with personal and vehicle gps trackers?

For personal and vehicle trackers it is necessary to have active SIM.Connect My World would love to ship the active SIM along with product but due to strict government regulations purchase and activation of SIM can only be done by the Customers.Though We are providing here the complete SIM card management guide which will make the process of purchase and activation of SIM card very easy for our customers.

It is important to note that Smartphones tracker app is capable to run on devices which might not have SIM, still you will be able to track the movement of device holder but you will not be able to receive the real time alerts if you don’t have active SIM with data enabled on it. Instead as and when the device is connected with Wi-Fi the app will flush the movement data to Connect My World platform and subsequently movement can be viewed on Connect My World platform.

How much will the total per month cost to maintain a tracker including SIM and Platfrom Charges(if any)?

Per month charges for maintaining the tracker  ranges approximately from Rs 30 to Rs 150. It completely depends upon what product you choose and how much it is used.

  • For Personal Tracker expense ranges from Rs 30 to 40 per month.
  • For Vehicle Tracker total monthly maintenance cost could be somewhere Rs 100 to 150 per month.
  • For Smartphone app total maintenance cost could be around Rs. 50 to 80 per month that too when the trail period is over.
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