Why is GPS Tracking Becoming More Popular in India?

GPS technology was first used by the American defence to spy on their enemies. When the various beneficial applications of this technology were discovered, the production and use of GPS -based devices was made commercial. Soon GPS tracking devices were increasingly being used for various applications, from employee monitoring to vehicle surveillance. The everyday applications of these tracking devices have made them more popular amongst users. GPS trackers have helped make navigation easy and increased the safety of users, both reasons for the popularity of GPS tracking devices in India and other parts of the world.

In most of the cities in India, especially the metropolitan cities GPS tracking for kids is becoming common place. The child just has to carry a small tracking device in his/her bag or pocket. This passive tracker is connected to an online platform that keeps a continuous track of the child’s movement. The parent can simply give a missed call to this tracking device to get a message of the child’s accurate location at any point of time. Simple and easy to operate, this tracking device is used to ensure the safety of children and avert kidnaping and molestation of kids. The tracking device gives both parents and children a feeling of security, no matter where they are. GPS tracking for kids allows parents to have a peace of mind as they can keep an eye on their children even when they are not in the vicinity. Such trackers are also found to be useful for elderly people and children with special needs.

In India, the use of GPS tracking for cars has also greatly increased. A small tracking device is installed in the vehicle’s dashboard and connected to the online platform. So, when the vehicle starts moving, its movement, direction, speed and other aspects are recorded on the platform. In other words, it enables real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s movement. Many service providers offering GPS tracking for cars in India also give you the option to generate various types of reports. You can generate reports on activity, speed, idle time, fuel consumption and more through the tracking device. Plus, you can create an invisible geo fence using the tracking device. When the vehicle crosses this geo fence, you will automatically receive an update about the vehicle’s location and direction of travel.


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