Configuration Guide For Vehicle GPS Tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker product is especially designed for personal vehicle, fleet and staff on the field.

It is economical to maintain and simple to use. It is designed  to go into sleep mode after 5 minutes once the vehicle is stationary and it automatically wakes up for any vibration happen to the vehicle. It takes power from vehicle only when vehicle ignition is on.

Steps for using the vehicle GPS tracker:

  1. After placing the order and before tracker is received apply for the SIM card if you already don’t have one. Due to cost reasons Prepaid SIM is preferred and get this activated. Refer to SIM activation and recommendation about plan to buy.
  2. Insert the active SIM card into the tracker.
  3. Insert battery into the tracker.
  4. Once the signal is acquired tracker starts flashing every 3 seconds.
  5. Configure the correct APN as below mentioned and then follow the remaining 2 steps below.
  6. Go under the open sky and make a call to the tracker and it will send the current location details to the caller.
  7. Location of the tracker can be viewed on Connect My World platform map.
  8. Send SMS to tracker as check123456 and you should receive the response from tracker about GSM, GPS, GPRS and Battery current status. Make sure that GPRS is on or enabled before you proceed for installation of tracker.

Now tracker is ready to get installed in your vehicle. It is very easy to install the tracker with vehicle, just go thruogh the installation document attached.

Also refer to Caution and troubleshoot guide for Vehicle Tracker and View tracker location for AGPS address.

1. Configure the correct APN(Access Point Name) as below

Open Me

  • List of APN for leading providers in India given at the bottom of the page, for example BSNL APN is bsnlnet.
  • Note APN is case sensitive.
  • Send SMS command to tracker as apn123456 <apn name> and you should get response back from tracker as apn ok! .
  • For example BSNL users can send SMS command as apn123456 bsnlnet
  • International customers also need to configure APN in same manner for their respective mobile operator.
  • In India for most of the mobile operators it is not required to provide userid and password along with APN.
  • But in case of specific providers or international customers it might be required to use user and password provided by the operator along with APN.
  • SMS Command to use user/password name is up123456 <username> <password>  and you should get response as user, password ok.
  • For example: up123456 mtnl mtnl123, this user/password is provided by network provider.

2. Users not residing in India require to correct the time zone settings as below:

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Note: For users in India correct time zone is already configured with the tracker and there is no need to configure the time zone.

Send SMS to the tracker as below:

time zone123456 <your time zone>

For example: time zone123456 +5.50

and you should receive SMS from tracker as time ok. It means that this setting is accepted from the tracker.

List of APNs for various network providers in India.

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Note: This list is indicative, double check with your network provider for correct APN.


Airtel :

Aircel : aircelgprs

BSNL : bsnlnet

Idea: internet

Vodafone (gprs): www

Reliance : rcomwap

Uninor : uninor

Videocon GSM:


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