Platform Basic Features

This platform guide is providing next generation completely web based solution to view the movement and manage your GPS tracking devices.These tracking devices could be specially designed Tracker for it could be your GPS(Global Positioning System) enabled Smartphone with Connect My World app installed and it will start working like a tracker.

This  platform is giving ultimate freedom to the users to do various alert related configuration by themselves and subsequently receive those via email and mobile phones as configured. Connect My World is offering three main categories of products in tracking domain. 

1. Personal Tracker   2. Vehicle Tracker  3. Tracker for GPS enabled Smartphones.

Let us understand about some very basic features about Connect My World tracking platform.

Note: By design Personal Trackers are not connected to web platform and hence all the below mentioned features are not available for Personal Trackers.

Features here are explained in the form of question and answers for better understanding.

What is Master Mobile Number?

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Master Mobile

  • Master mobile is an alert receiving mobile phone which is capable of receiving SMS for various important tracker alerts if configured by user.
  • Master mobile number can be configured by user after login under Connect My World > Manage Profile . 
  • It can also be configured at device level, if not configured at device level, it will use the Master mobile configuration at Manage Profile.
  • Master mobile needs to put along with country code, example: for India the country code is (+91).
  • Currently this feature is applicable for users residing in India only. Still our International users can receive various alerts via Email as below under Alert Notify Email explained. Very soon SMS alert feature will be enabled for our International users also.

What is Alert Notify Email?

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  • If configured by the user, he/she will receive various alerts via email like Master mobile receives through SMS.
  • Email can be configured under Manage profile or at tracker device level. If notify Email is not configured at device level, it will use the Email configured under Manage Profile.
  • International users will be able to use this feature.

What is Your Time Zone?

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  • It is important for the users to know their time zone and set it correctly.
  • To send various alerts to the users and to display the route map on UI  Connect My World platform does all the calculations with respect to Time Zone set by the user. For example users residing in India the time zone is set to Asia/Calcutta.

Receive SMS alert on Master Mobile when GPS disabled for Smartphone?

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  • If this option is opted as “yes” then disabling of GPS by the user or restart of app after stop due to any reason will notify Master mobile through SMS.
  • It is important to note that SOS and user activity related SMS alerts as above are available for international users also. As it sends the SMS alerts directly from Smartphone to Master mobile.

What is Available SMS Credit?

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  • This is to show available SMS credit to user’s account.
  • SMS credit will be used to send various alerts and on demand location SMS.
  • When a new account is created 50 SMS will be credited by Connect My World platform.
  • Vehicle tracker purchased will credit 600 SMS by Connect My World platform.
  • Subscription renewal for Vehicle Tracker or Smartphone will credit 100 SMS to the account.
  • In case more SMS credit is required to meet your specific need, it can be purchased from Connect My World platform from Product Catalog.

What is Over Speed Alert?

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Over Speed Alert

  • Over speed alert can be configured for each registered tracker device individually.
  • Default value is 0.0 KM/H. It means that you don’t need the over speed alert for the specific tracker.
  • In the interval of 1 hour only maximum 1 alert will be generated and the rest can be viewed through web platform.
  • Over speed alert can be configured  under after login Connect My World > Platform > Platform Menu> Manage Device
  • None of the events older then 45 minutes received by the system will send SMS or Email for Over Speed alerts.

What is Geo-zone Alert?

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Geo Zone Alert

  • For each account multiple Geo-zones can be configured and is applicable for all trackers registered with the account.
  • Geo-zones can be configured for arrival and departure alerts.
  •  It can be configured  after login under Connect My World > Platform > Platform Menu > Manage Geo-zones and Alerts .
  • None of the events older then 45 minutes received by the system will send SMS or Email for Geo-zone alerts.

What is Tracker Name and Tracker ID?

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  • Initially Tracker ID and tracker name will be the same for both Vehicle Tracker and Smartphone tracker.
  • Both Tracker ID and name can only be a lower case alphanumeric without any spaces and must be unique for the account.
  • Tracker ID once created can not be edited and primarily used by the system to identify the tracker.
  • Tracker name is editable by the user and giving freedom to the user to make tracker transferable from person to person or vehicle to vehicle.
  • Apart from subscription payment Tracker Name is the identifier for user getting any alerts or can view movement of tracker in web platform or receive on demand location through SMS.

You can view all in action by clicking here.