Use GPS Tracking Software For Real Time Tracking

The software relies on global positioning system for tracking but it automatically switches to cell tower configuration wherever GPS isn’t available. In this way, it keeps tracking employees all the time and you can see location of your employees on a physical map. The software will display position of employees in a convenient way.

Advantage of this software is that it can work like a digital assistant. In addition to determining location of employees, you can also communicate with the employees. When you have a job to assign, you can see who of the team members is closes to the client and assign the job to the worker. To assign job, you only need clicking on the location of the employee on the software. It will open a chat window and the employee tracking app will take your message to the employee.

The employee will see notification on his mobile and on opening the notification he will see the job assigned. He will go through the job details and also see the client location on a map. In short, the employee will have no questions to ask regarding job or client location. He will leave for the new job after completing his present assignment.

The software can also help in determining availability of employees. You need not asking your team members whether they are free for new jobs as you can see which jobs they are working on and time they are spending on individual jobs. Make an online timesheet management system that can help you determine availability and productivity of your employees.

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employee GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of your employees while they are on the job. This tracker is small and can be easily hidden on an employee’s person, so they will not even know it is there. Additionally, the connectmyworld tracker uses GPS to track an employee’s location in real-time, so you will always know where they are. This Gps tracker app is also great for tracking employee hours, as it can automatically clock them in and out based on their location. Ultimately, the connectmyworld employee GPS tracker is a valuable tool for any business that wants to improve its efficiency and productivity.

ConnectMyWorld is your one stop solution for field staff management software , Employee tracking app and customized data collection app. Our GPS driven suite can be operated on any handheld Android device.

Ask your team members to keep updating their work details on the software that will make the details available on real time. As soon as a team member enters detail of his job, you can see the detail. Ask employees to update their work details on the software so that you can determine their availability. When you want to assign a job to an employee, you can see whether he is available for the new job on his online timesheet.

The online timesheet management system will help your employees as well. They will save time lost in entering details in manual timesheet. The software will save the details entered in real time. You can see whether your employees are working at their optimum level or they need training to improve their output.

Using tracking software will help in many ways. It will bring speed and transparency to your business process. You can help your employees provide quick service and also you can improve your client service. Cost of the software is INR 149 per employee/per month. And you don’t need anything like hardware or application to use the software.