How to Track Your Employees Working From Home or In Field

Digitalization is changing the world as never before. Industries have started to realize its potential and are looking for ways to incorporate it into their company. While it may look challenging to amateurs, once the advantages and disadvantages of the technology are understood it will be easy to leverage its benefits. Enterprises have started investing in applications and infrastructure to help them perform better. Most enterprise applications are usually accessible from within the company network. Digitalization has grown so far that it has enabled employees to work from home. Marketing employees in particular are now able to access the required documents and emails on the go.

Tracking your employees’ working-from-home hours or working in the field can be a headache. It takes time, patience, and a lot of paperwork, not to mention figuring out who needs that information and who needs it week by week. If you’re tired of tracking employees from home to field, check out Workflo, a software tool that helps companies manage working-from-home policies, track mileage, and process expense reports.
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While there are many advantages of working from home or in the field, one major hurdle for companies to implement it is that they are unaware of how to track their field employees. To overcome this problem, few software companies have started developing field force manager software . It helps companies track their employees to measure their performance and efficiency. The software is available in two types. Either as a web application that can be configured within a web server or it can be installed as a standalone application in a server. Employees will be provided with access to log in to the software. The software comprises several modules depending on the requirement of the company and its business. The pricing of the software depends on the number of modules and type of licensing. The company might choose to purchase the product as a one-time investment or choose a subscription model to pay every month, quarter, or year.

Data collection form can be used to capture a variety of data about the field employees. This might be a simple task such as logging when the user logged in to work along with their log out time. They can update their daily tasks by the end of the day. Marketing employees can tag their location in the software and also add photos and notes related to their meetings with clients. A senior manager with his own privileges can use the field employee tracking software to track his workforce in real-time. It can send email and SMS notifications for information and alert purposes. Another major feature that most software would offer is its reports. From all the data that has been collected into the system, a number of reports can be generated and they provide useful insights about field staff.


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