Software For Real Time Employee Location Tracking

Employee tracking Appwith software is the best way to track field staff. The process is free of hassles and its advantage is that it helps in real time tracking.

employee tracking app

Let’s see how software tracks employees

It makes a platform showing of geographical location targeted area like a city or town. Members of field staff that are being monitored are shown like dots on the map. Each dot displays name of the employee it represents. Clicking on the dot opens the details like present location of the employee and the job he is working on. Availability of members of field staff can be determined from their details.

Managers can see real time geographical location of their field staff from their offices. Advantage of the software is that it removes need of voice calling to get location and other details of employees. In other words, it saves time that can be used in other productive jobs. Managers can assign tasks to the field employees on software. It is another advantage of employee location tracking.

How a job is assigned on tracking software?

Managers send jobs to the employees through text. It is simple as it is like sending text message. You can simply click on the details of an employee and send him job details. The employee will see the details on his mobile that is connected to the software. He will see location of the client on a geographical map. He won’t feel need to call back to his office for clarification as he will be able to get comprehensive details on the software

The biggest advantage of the software is that it allows matching clients with employees. Simply put, you can ask the employee that is nearest to your client to go to the client and do needful. In this way, you can reduce service time and provide satisfactory client service. Also your employees will get more time to complete jobs. They won’t need rushing to clients.

The software can calculate service charges

The gps location tracking software can prepare quick invoices in an error free manner. When a job is complete, the employee working on the job can make quick invoice for consideration of the client. Advantage of software is that it can record payments and add overdue payment to present bills. What is more surprising is that the clients can sign their invoices after making payments.

Employees can get freedom from physical attendance marking after getting the software. They can show their presence at work on software and in this way get their attendance marked in a hassle free and time saving manner. Also the employees can make online timesheets on the software. They only need entering starting and closing time of their jobs in the software to make online timesheets.