Read the rules before you implement field staff tracking software

Field staff in the days gone by experienced a lot of freedom in their job. The main reason behind this was that since they were not bound to office limits and were not under the watchful eyes of the boss, they thought they could enjoy complete freedom. But this seems now like fiction with the coming up of field staff tracking software! Moreover the decreasing cost of GPS devices has now enabled employers to keep an eye on their field staff, as a result concerns over employee privacy is rising.

Field staff tracking software can be used for tracking job costs and expense reports. But implementing new software takes time.
So, before you go looking at field staff tracking software, you must first read the rules regarding tracking field staff costs.
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There are risks involved if as an employer you choose to use the field staff tracking software. Before implementing the software read the following rules so that you can minimize the risks therein –

  1. Draw a line between office timings & personal time – The main purpose of field staff tracking should be to track employees only while they are working. Make sure while implementing you draw a line and not cross over and intrude in the privacy of your employees. Do not track employees’ off-duty. If data received from the tracker pertains to the staff’s personal life, employers should not consider it.
  1. Determine business reasons to track employees – Your reasons to monitor your field staff should be legitimate and completely professional. There should be a legitimate business rationale like increasing sales, efficiency, improve customer service, maintain accurate records or safety concern.
  1. Employee consent – Do not hide the field staff tracking device from your employee. Convey the message appropriately and state the reasons behind your taking such a step. In case the fact is hidden from him he may find it offensive and approach legal authorities for the same.  Hence, abstain from using the device without employee consent else it would affect your relation with your employee adversely.

The company reserves the rights to keep tabs on employees, but make sure you do it the right way. The above mentioned guidelines would be informative if you wish to implement the software!