How to Track Your Employees’ Productivity?

If you think, keeping track of your employees’ productivity, especially if you are in the delivery business, is one hell of a task – think again.

Of course, traditional practices made it extremely difficult to keep track of how much work an employee accomplished while on the field, at what time and the status of that task. And an employer could not help but rely on the employee to fill in the timesheet and generate a report at the end of the month. But this need not be the case anymore.

Tracking employee productivity is an easy way to monitor how much work each crew is completing, and it helps supervisors determine whether they are meeting production goals. But just because you can easily track employees’ productivity doesn’t mean you have to.
employee tracking app app helps you to track your employees

In today’s competitive world of business, efficiency and productivity are two important factors that drive growth and success. Hence every manager is eager to monitor his employee’s every move to ensure he works efficiently eliminating wastage of time. Now, with the latest employee location tracking software, employers can keep themselves updated with employees’ whereabouts.

A field force manager software is basically a Smartphone with GPS tracker that provides employers with increasing options for tracking and checking on the status of the employees. It enables the employer to keep a check on a large number of staff at the same time and can get the total distance covered by the phone holder in a specific time window.

Other features of the field tracking software include notification to the master mobile by a direct SMS if the GPS is switched off by the Smartphone. Additionally, you can also get an alert whenever Smartphone enters/exits into certain areas defined by you. It can also be easily tracked if lost or stolen.

As a result of these varied features of the employee tracking app , employee supervision has become easier consequently improving time management and has enhanced employee productivity.  Besides, genuine data recorded in real time helps employees get their remuneration without any hassles with the management.

This tracking system goes a long way in rebuilding trust between employers and their employees.


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