Features And Benefits of Employee Gps Tracking Software

Working with a team of field employees won’t remain a hassle, if you start using employee gps tracking software instead of regular mobile service. Mobiles are for communication and not for tracking but you use mobile phones for tracking just to save money. Every time you want to know position of your employees, you have to call each employee. It is wastage of time.

Features of software

Location tracking: See your employees on a physical map and determine their locations without making phone calls. No need to disturb employees when you know that they might be too busy with work to attend any phone call. The software will give you real time location of the employees it is tracking.


Communicate with your employees in a hassle free manner using software. See your employees on the map and click on the employee who you want to contact to open a communication window on the software. Write message on the window and press the send button. The employee will see the message on his phone screen.

Timesheet management:

In addition to employee location tracking, the software can work as a live timesheet for your employees. Ask your employees to update their job details like starting and closing time of jobs on the software so that you can see how they are doing and whether they are working at their optimum level.

Invoice making:

The software can easily prepare quick invoices with amazing clarity. There will be no errors in making calculations and also the software can record payments to add overdue payment. You only need entering service charges and taxes to be paid in the software for invoice preparation.

Advantages of the software

Client management:

When you have a job, you can easily find the employee that is closes to the client and assign the job to that employee. In this way, you can save time of your employees and also provide on-time service to the clients. You can even manage a couple of jobs with the help of software.

Employee management:

The employee gps tracking software will provide real time details of your employees. For instance, you can see which employee is working on which project and how much time employees are taking in completing individual projects.

Receiving payments:

The software will provide real help in receiving payments. There will be no mistakes in making calculations and also there will be no loss of money. The software will not only make error-free calculations but it will also add overdue payments to the current invoices. What is more beneficial is that the clients can sign the invoices after making payments.

Time saving:

If you start using the software, you will save time or in other words, you will get more time to serve the needs of more clients. You can add more clients to your service network and earn more money.

If worried about cost of the software then shed all your worries as it is available at a quite affordable price.

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