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Product Description

This product is to provide complete freedom to our customers and manage SMS credit by themselves for their accounts. For trial of SMS alerts when user is registered with the Connect My World for the first time, a good number of SMS will be credited to the account created. Also a good number of SMS will be credited to your account while subscription renewal.

If the allocated SMS are exhausted, you can always buy additional SMS depending upon your need and keep your world moving.

This product can be purchased in denomination of Rs 50.00 and for each unit 200 SMS will be credited to your account.

For example: If you buy 4 units of this product ( 50.00*4 i.e. 200) means that 800 SMS will be credited to your account.

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Note1: Users residing in India for every new account 50 free SMS will be credited to the account. Every subscription renewal will also credit 200 free SMS to the account and every purchase of Vehicle Tracker will also credit 600 free SMS to the account. Beyond that if you need additional SMS can be purchased here.

Note2: SMS credit is useful to buy for Vehicle Tracker and Smartphone app, so that platform can send various alerts through SMS if configured by the user. There is no expiry for purchased SMS credits.

Note3: This product is available for Indian customers, Another product will soon be launched for our international customers. Currently international customers will be able to receive alerts only through E-mail.

Note4: Exhaust of SMS credit to your account will not interrupt E-mail alerts and customers will keep receiving E-mail alerts uninterruptedly as earlier.